Entry 6: What would the circus be without CANDY?

Childhood memories of the circus conjure up images of cavorting clowns, glittering sequins, daring trapeze-artists, performing animals....and BEST of all, delicious CANDY!
Here's the Circus Candyman waiting at the entrance, ready to tempt you with every yummy treat imaginable before you enter the Big Top!

I made the candyman, the barrow and everything on it. The back row is filled with the sweetest, cotton candy. The next row, from the left, has sticks of rock candy, liquorice allsorts, aniseed balls,crunchy peanut brittle, cherry and nut nougat, chocolate peanuts, coconut ice, boiled sweets and more liquorice allsorts.

The next row groans under the weight of boxes of the finest milk chocolates. The front row has candy canes, never-ending lollipops,(guaranteed to last an entire performance), and the stickiest, most delicious toffee apples EVER!

Sweet dreams are made of this!!

CDHM: Entry 6: What would the circus be without the CANDY?