When night falls upon the emerald forest, fog begins to settle in
and brings with it a gloomy scene. As Midnight comes near
Wolves and other brave nocturnal woodland creatures that would
not go scurrying away. begin to crowed around and make themselves
comfortable amongst the cover and brush within the woods surrounding
a dark and neglected grave yard. A bright area of light can be seen in the
background from beyond the brush of the forest, probably from the nearby

Bells tolled twelve times as can be heard ringing from atop a nearby clock
tower as if calling for any signs of life that would come from near and far.
Midnight finally has arrived and a full moon is brightly shining down upon a
single gloomy tombstone.

A small bush of berry blossoms grow aside it with the only signs of life that can be
seen from anywhere near. The beautiful colors of fall within each berry, plump and
fresh from being unpicked as no one would clearly ever dare.
A bat flies in and perches itself atop a lone gravestone to sit wings extended.
Hoping to enjoy the crisp winds brushing against his tiny body, the light of the
moon the only light a bat like he could ever enjoy. While the Oak tree towering above
begins to slowly become animated with life.

A tree thought to have been cursed when many witches long ago were hung from its
long and scary branches, doused with moonshine and burned for who and what they
were believed to be while the villagers looked on. The bodies then buried beneath it.
Only one head stone bearing the letters RIP would ever be left to mark the graves for all.
But the first witch to ever die there was buried right below it..
Many witches often burned thereafter and buried but over time none would have a
headstone, of their own, Left to be forgotten forever more.

Every year at midnight on Hallows Eve legend tells of souls of the dead planted there
beneath the roots of that there tree would come alive and possess the tree.
It would come to life with eyes like fire that would light up and branches with its moss
covered fingers would raise up and call out to all the witch's souls. Ghastly howls moans
echoed into the night, and the voices of the dead calling out to be set free from their unjust
The crackle, pop and a slight burning smell of wood and even skin could be detected into
the early morning hours even after the sun would rise.
Evil would forever inhabit this graveyard and dead witches would reach through the earths
surface to spring to life every Hallows eve to walk again.

1:12 [1 inch] Scale, 7"W X 5"D X 5-1/4"H [at tips of moss covered spooky
tree branch hands].

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