"Now where did I put my eye? AHHH! There it tis. No matter how many times
I put you back in, you find your way back here, you naughty naughty thing."
Mrs. Estelle's bony claw reaches out for her eye...
*shiver* "Eeeeeek! Noooo anything but that!"(the eye screamed)
There is nothing worse than trying to watch Fright Theater or settle in with a good
scary book, when you can't find your eye. Surely you can see and read just fine with one
eye, but why partake of one eye when you have two?
Maybe your it tends to roll away, or has better plans on a Friday night? Perhaps maybe even,
it tends to hide? Turns out the Late Mrs. Estelle's eye does not WANT to be in her skull!
Pity the luck.
Some weeks later, while the mischevious tiny lad ran away yet again, and through her tears
she was most happy to find she had recieved correspondence from her favorite television
Dearest Mrs. Estelle,
I hope you find common GROUND with your dearly departed eye. It gives me great displeasure to
see the both of you getting along in such a GRAVE fashion. It CHILLS me to the BONE to believe
that it was indeed a roving eye. I am quite positive that a replacement is in order.

Yours truly,
Alfred Hitchcock
Handsculpted polymer headstone, on a recycled material base covered with mosses, and "dirt"
courtesy of Juan Valdez.
The skeleton gives the appearance of unearthing itself, with grim weathered orange hair, a polymer
eye and one eye loose on the ground. (gating background not part of the piece).
1/12th Haunted Dollhouse scale 3.25 inches wide, and 7.5 inches long
Do remember to keep an eye on your eyes! Thank you kindly and I bid you farewell.

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