Long before "Phantom of the Opera" was written, it was widely rumoured that the
Paris Opera House was haunted. Ballerinas and artistes who performed there, often
spoke of "strange sightings" and "nightmarish noises" coming from the wings, the
basement....the CEILING!!! One night in 1896, during a packed performance, one
of the 770kg- counterweights of the great crystal chandelier hanging above the auditorium,
came CRASHING down from the ceiling into the audience, killing one woman and injuring others.
Was it a tragic accident....or something more sinister? Whatever it was, this horrific incident,
combined with the rumours of the Opera House being haunted, inspired Gaston Leroux to write
the novel, "Phantom of the Opera". He firmly believed that "the Opera ghost REALLY existed!"

Here's my interpretation of the Phantom and Christine from Leroux's tale of horror and obsessive.
The Phantom is from resin and paperclay, while Christine is from china-painted porcelain.
Both figures are 1:12 scale.

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