The Pumpkin Ladies are enjoying a pre-Halloween tea party in this converted jack o-lantern room.
The jack's golden stained glass eyes, nose and mouth keep the chill October air from disturbing their
leafy dresses and tablecloths - or are they afraid of getting their leafy curls mussed? Each in their
Halloween finest, Vinean has a ruby necklace and a modest knee length leafy gown while Leafa
won't be outdone with her belt of peridot and sassy short leaf frock with its glass leaf shoulder
epauletteholding the daring toga style in place.

Done in 1:12 scale, a Funkin Pumpkin was carved with a teapot front and edged in glittery green
ribbon before being filled with shining battery powered miniature jack o-lanterns hanging from the
top to help illuminate the stained glass features.
The ladies think it is to illuminate them in flattering candlelight - don't tell!
A moss-edged green carpet covers the floor to hold the mini pumpkin table and chairs.
The pumpkin chairs have green wired backs for the ladies' comfort. The ladies are Fimo covered
wire armatures with silk fall leaves fashioned into their couture frocks and their table full of goodies
is wire made of Fimo while their serving pieces are a mixture of pottery and Fimo creations with a
brass two tier cookie stand.
Caramel covered apples, meringue ghosts, orange creme donuts and assorted cookies fill their table.
But they wouldn't divulge what was in the teapot. . .

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