I was inspired by the view from my window! Tthere is a rather creepy looking apple tree
and as I was looking, a bird sounded like it had crash landed on my roof, thus giving me my
1/12th scale. Witchy has a soft body and I made her boots, hat, and belt from leather.
Every witch needs a cat! With googly eyes in her head and a rather starry face of surprise.
The tree garland that miss witchy, broke as she rudely dropped in on the dead couple, who only
get once a year to rekindled there love although he is a little late pulling himself together for the
Rabbit and mouse have popped out to see what the commotion is all about and bat and owl
look on in disgust.
Mr Tree is not happy as he would seem to have a rather large splinter in his brain that is
giving him a nasty weighty headache !

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